Rebecca Van Singel



Branding and website for a gym's non-profit initiative to support unhealthy, underprivileged teens.

Downsize Fitness and AIGA Chicago: All In


Photo by Ryan Bolger

Photo by Ryan Bolger


All In (formerly Downsize for Life) was a non-profit arm of Downsize Fitness. The program supported teenagers age 13–18 who were at an unhealthy weight and looking to transform their lives through mental focus, fitness, and nutrition in a body-positive and empowering environment. I worked with a volunteer team of designers over five months to name, brand, and design print and web materials for their planned second group of teens. 


  • Program overview and Q&A with the Executive Director of Downsize for Life, Shannon Downey.
  • Reached out to teenagers we knew and had them fill out a survey using a Google Docs form.
  • Trip to the library to learn about fitness and healthcare for teens.
  • A few team members visited the Downsize Fitness location for a tour of the program space.


Naming & Brand Exploration

Our team went through hundreds of names to get to the perfect one: All In. Once we had a name, it was full steam ahead to exploring what the program would look like and how it would resonate with teens. We started with mood boarding and narrowing down a few styles for illustration and color. Then we went sketched our hearts out and mocked up a numerous logo options before landing on the final mark which then went through intense rounds of refining. 





Client: Downsize Fitness

Design for Good Team: LeAnne Wagner, Jennifer Wisniewski, Kuu Hubbard, Siyun Deng, Maria Muntean