Rebecca Van Singel



A new, industry-leading trend analysis feature for a social web analytics SaaS product

Networked Insights: Kairos® Pinpoint



Pinpoint was a new product functionality to be added to Networked Insights' SaaS product, Kairos®. The analytics capability had been prototyped and tested during a previous hackathon and it was my team's task to incorporate it into the product for customer use. Before starting the design, I worked alongside the Product Owner, Product Manager, and Business Analyst to plan and conduct user research interviews around the product's existing search capabilities and the analysis process of our Customer Success team. 


That insight was then incorporated into the sketches, flows, wireframes and visual comps. Working closely with the Product and Engineering teams, I iterated on the wireframes and visual comps and eventually created a functional prototype using InVision App to test with users. Having actual users walk through the prototype helped us streamline the MVP further and get a better sense for what was and wasn’t working so we could make necessary changes as front-end development started.



Client: Networked Insights

Product Management: Derek Meissner & Troy Noble

Front-end Development: Sal Palacio