Rebecca Van Singel



Traveling exhibit and modular board game concept to promote and inform young audiences about pork

Ferris State University GRDE: Pork Power Concept



After in-depth research about the pork industry—including, reviewing existing marketing campaigns, learning about the different cuts and their nutritional value, and talking to pig farmers and others knowledgeable about pork production—our team found that there was a gap in pork consumption and awareness among children aged 6-11. We chose this demographic to focus our campaign around and and continued our research to gain a deeper understanding of what their interests are and how they decide what to eat.


The end result was a mobile outdoor exhibit that would be on display at various food-related festivals throughout the spring and summer. The Super Pigs would be strategically placed throughout festivals and each would contain one of five different sidekick cards for the children to collect as they make their way around the festival. The sidekick cards featured different pork cuts with fun superhero-esque names to help make them more fun, distinctive, and most importantly easy for the children to read and say.



The "Super Pig Racers" board game was created as an extension of the exhibit to help promote the “Pork Power” campaign outside of festivals. The game is meant to encourage children age 6 to 11 to learn more about pork products and choose to eat more pork. The object of the game is to get your Super Pig to the FINISH line before anyone else. To keep kids interested in playing again and again, they construct their own board. They can make it short and straight, long and curved or anywhere in between.



Client: Concept for Ferris State University GRDE

Creative Direction: Linda Powell

Design Team: Jacqueline Edwards, Steve McMahon, & Trevor Dobias